Gallo delivers writing that will slap you in the face, and you will like it. Then you will laugh out your nose, bite your lip and be fuller for having read it.

She is a rare writing talent that took our idea and gave it a voice. A funny, delightful, stupid, dramatic and intelligent voice.

The most unique people write the most interesting words, and Caitlin Gallo is one of the most unusual, different and down right talented people I have worked with - thank god for the unpredictable.
— Kieran Antill, Managing Partner / Exec. Creative Director, Leo Burnett New York
Caitlin Gallo is a dynamic writer of incredible versatility. She makes characters sing (sometimes literally) with truth and brings wonderful insight to everyday moments. It’s a pleasure working with her and I eagerly look forward to whatever her next project may be.
— Hunter Bird, Freelance Director // Coordinator for Johnny Mercer Writers Colony at Goodspeed Musicals
Caitlin is my prettiest, smartest and most talented daughter. (She is also my only daughter.)
— Dawn Gallo, Caitlin's Mother
“Caitlin’s passion, dedication and talent are unmatched.

While writing “8 Million Protagonists” she wore many hats including writer, producer, PA, wardrobe, hair and make up and on-set psychologist.

Without her on our team, we would not have had a play to produce and won an incredible amount of awards.

Plus she did it all with a smile.
— Jeremy Fox, SVP/Executive Producer // Trivergance Business Resources, LLC
I first met Caitlin Gallo when she submitted her 10 minute musical for SOUND BITES 2013. Her piece was not only selected for the top ten finalists but also won the ‘Audience Favorite Award.’ A testament to her talent.

We then invited Caitlin to join us as an adjudicator for SOUND BITES 2014. I found her to be articulate, bright and a real asset to the group. Caitlin is smart professional, creative and talented and I look forward to her work in the future. I’m sure it will be outstanding.
— Thomas Morrissey, Artistic Director, Theatre Now New York
I worked closely with Caitlin on the creative development and production of our innovative and very successful Off-Broadway play, 8 Million Protagonists.

I have been aware of Ms. Gallo’s talent as a writer for quite some time. So when we began to embark on what would be a first of its kind creative adventure for an advertising agency, she quickly came to mind as the right kind of talent for the project. Ambitious and talented of course, Ms. Gallo also comes from a new generation of creative talent who not only are keenly aware of popular culture but also possess a roll up your sleeves and get it done attitude toward work.

What I found most impressive for such a young writer went far beyond her obvious knack for comedic timing and storytelling. It was her ability to react to countless rounds of feedback with optimism and creativity, literally making the story stronger and funnier with every round. As a result of her hard work, the show was sold out over a two week period just after Hurricane Sandy, received standing ovations every night, and has gone on to win major accolades around the world, including Best of Show at the sought after One Show Entertainment Awards. This is one of the highest honors our industry offers.

I’m proud to have been part of this early chapter of Caitlin Gallo’s promising career as a writer.
— Jay Benjamin, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi NY
My nickname for Caitlin is “golden child,” which she loves.

It wasn’t meant to be a compliment.
— Carter Gallo, Caitlin's younger brother
I have worked with Caitlin both professionally and personally for over five years and believe she is one of the most dedicated writers I have ever worked with. She is disciplined, creative, and grows as a true artist with each script she writes. She is a risk taker. I have seen her rise to challenges and face them head on while taking on multiple positions in shows she has been involved in: creator, writer, director, producer, costumer, and has even stepped in as performer when needed. She is more than just a triple threat in this business. She is a total package.

She collaborates and works well with actors, singers, dancers, directors, and producers, and is respected by all of them who want to work with her again and again. While working in the industry she has been able to know what goes on from script to production and all aspects in between. This is very important for a writer to know. With this knowledge and experience, she is a true professional.

I can honestly say that because of her experience, knowledge, talent, and sure will power, she has one of the most promising futures in the theatre. She is one to watch. I am a better artist to have worked with her.
— Stephen Bishop Seely, Literary Manager/Producer, Theatre Now New York
I have had the incredible privilege to work with the artistic genius of Burgio and Gallo multiple times as a performer, as a collaborator, as a friend. It is not only a treat to be a part of their wonderland productions, it is a majestic thing to watch them unfold. These are the kind of things that remind us all why we do art, why places like New York exist.
— Steph Holbo, Spoken Word Performer
Caitlin is a very nice girl. If she put half as much effort into socializing as she did into working, she would probably be married by now. Oh well.
— Carolyn Kwarta, Caitlin's Grandmother