Happenstance returns!

Happenstance returns to Off-Broadway at The Signature Theater on Memorial Day.

Happenstance is a finalist in the 4th Annual Sound Bites Festival produced by Theatre Now New York. 

Fever: The Untold Story of Mary Mallon

Gallo and her long time collaborator, Jimmy Burgio have been working on a musical adaptation of the life of Mary Mallon, the woman also known as Typhoid Mary. The story is by Gallo and Burgio with a libretto by Gallo. They are currently looking for a musical collaborator.


Gallo's latest play about a priest who falsifies a miracle to keep his church open is currently being workshopped in New York City.

"I think probably the best part about being a surgeon is getting to yell, "Get out of my OR!" at people."

-@Caitlinjgallo 6/1/13 1:56 PM